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Exclusive: Former ICE director vows to make 2024 Elections about border security: 'country-ending crisis'

Multiple former law enforcement and border security officials are teaming together in an attempt to make the border crisis the defining issues of this year's election.

FAFSA workaround allows Texas students with non-citizen parents to apply for college financial aid

The Department of Education rolled out a FAFSA workaround allowing Texas students with non-citizen parents to still apply for federal financial aid.

Teens bust into Wisconsin luxury dealership, steal 9 cars worth over $500,000, police say

Police in Waukesha, Wisconsin, are searching for multiple suspects who stole nine luxury vehicles from a Range Rover dealership last week.

Prominent Alabama judge shot, seriously wounded in alleged domestic incident; son taken into custody

Montgomery County Circuit Judge Johnny Hardwick was shot and seriously wounded, and his adult son was taken into custody after a domestic incident.

Laken Riley murder suspect Jose Ibarra lived within 5-minute walk of UGA crime scene

University of Georgia murder suspect Jose Ibarra lived within a five-minute walk of the approximate scene where he allegedly murdered Augusta University student Laken Riley.

Family of Laken Riley speaks out for first time since daughter's tragic slaying: 'Will be missed every day'

The family of 22-year-old Laken Riley spoke out for the first time following their daughter's death on the campus of the University of Georgia.

Man wanted in Oregon after recording device found in fitting room, authorities say

Detectives in Washington County, Oregon, are asking the public for help in identifying a suspect whose photo was found on the hidden recording device.

South Carolina man arrested for threatening judge: 'I'll rip your face off'

A South Carolina man was arrested and charged after sending several threatening emails to a judge, including one saying he will "rip your face off."