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11-foot alligator kills man in Myrtle Beach yacht club community

An 11-foot alligator fatally attacked a Myrtle Beach private community club member after pulling the person into a retention pond in South Carolina Friday.

Capitol Reef National Park hikers in Utah describe flash flooding, escape: 'The road's gone'

Hikers are speaking out just days after being trapped amid dangerous flooding at Utah's Capitol Reef National Park. Authorities said there were no major injuries.

Ohio father attacks suspect accused of killing child in courtroom: video

An Ohio father was seen attacking the man accused of killing his girlfriend and 3-year-old son. Surveillance video showed law enforcement subduing the man.

Arizona abortion protest: Police release tear gas, lawmakers ‘held hostage’ in Senate building

The U.S. Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade has sparked a protest in Phoenix, Arizona, where protesters attempted to breach the state Senate building and created a dangerous situation for lawmakers.

Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell remembers brother, 18, fatally shot in Chicago: 'All I justice'

Fox News analyst and Gianno Caldwell's 18-year-old brother, Christian, was fatally shot on Saturday in Chicago. Police are looking for at least one shooting suspect.

Yellowstone floods: Funding increased for disaster

The Federal Highway Administration announced it would increase emergency funding to $65 million following devastating floods that damaged its infrastructure.

Illinois WeatherTech warehouse shooting kills 1, injures 2 others

Three people were shot early Saturday morning at a WeatherTech facility in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Police said later that one victim had been killed in the attack.

Pro-choice protesters burn American flag in streets of Washington DC after Roe v. Wade reversal

Protesters in Washington D.C. burned the American flag following the Supreme Court's decision which overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday.