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‘Unauthorized’ album of bootleg R. Kelly music called ‘I Admit’ released on Spotify, Apple Music: lawyer

An album of "stolen" R. Kelley was released onto Spotify and Apple Music briefly Friday while the singer is serving his prison sentence.

Maryland police say man wanted after allegedly throwing urine on bus driver

Washington, DC, metro transit police are looking for a man who allegedly threw urine on a bus driver on Dec. 2 and is wanted for second-degree assault.

Idaho police warn of 'criminal charges' for web sleuths engaged in 'harassing' amid 'misinformation'

Idaho police are asking web sleuths to tone down "rumors and misinformation" as well as "harassing and threatening behavior" as they probe a quadruple murder.

Virginia mother charged with homicide in fentanyl-related death of 20-month-old son

A woman is being sought by Virginia authorities over the fentanyl-related death of her 20-month-old son.

NYC teen shoplifter, Target security guard fall down elevator shaft during tussle

A Target employee and a teenager accused of shoplifting plunged down an elevator shaft at a Bronx store in a bizarre accident on Thursday morning.

Former NYPD cop sentenced to 25 years for murder of 8-year-old son

A former NYPD officer has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for murdering his young son.

Idaho murders: Police receive 'amazing' number of tips related to mystery car spotted near crime scene

Police have received an "amazing" number of tips regarding a white Hyundai Elantra they believe may be related to a Nov. 13 homicide near the University of Idaho campus.

North Carolina speaker of the House says state courts violated constitution by drawing new congressional maps

North Carolina state Speaker Timothy Moore said state courts were doing the legislature's job when it drew congressional maps used in the 2022 midterms.