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Today's Topics: Unemployment Numbers Boost Question, Is trend from 'Metro' to 'Manly' helping America get it’s grove back? Walter Jones (R-NC), Dr. Richard Ebeling

Does anyone else find it odd that at the exact moment in which Obama needs a boost to his campaign the best unemployment numbers in his presidency are released? I’m not suggesting the numbers have been rigged, I’m just saying it’s a mighty big coincidence.     
Is a trend from “Metro” to “Manly” helping America get it’s grove back?  We’ll look at the evidence for and against. 
Joining Jerry on the show today will be Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) to offer a suggestion on how we can further reduce the unemployment numbers – stop sending our jobs overseas.  If that’s too much to ask we should at least stop using taxpayer money to train foreign workers to take our jobs.  And, with hopes of bringing our troops home, Congressman Jones has introduced a bill to help remind the President about his Constitutional responsibilities. 
PLUS…Professor, Economist and Author; Dr. Richard Ebeling will join us to look inside the unemployment numbers….is it an early Christmas present for Obama?
ALSO… It’s Friday so we’ll roll out some of Jerry’s imperfections with the ever-popular “Flubs of The Week”

What more can you ask for without being greedy?  It’s the Finally Friday edition of the Jerry Doyle Show!

Today's Topics: Presidential Debate Coverage, Live From Denver American Spectators Ross Kaminsky, Tim Cavanaugh from Reason Magazine

 It’s the most important event in this, the most important election of all time! The first Presidential debate between Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama and we’ve got it covered from every angle. 

Joining us LIVE from Denver Colorado will be The American Spectators Ross Kaminsky for a pre-debate discussion.  What can we expect from the men on the stage?  Can we expect an unbiased set of questions from the moderator?  All this and more will be answered.
Also joining us today will be Tim Cavanaugh from Reason Magazine (  He took a look back at his debates with John McCain in 2008 and has uncovered a number of un-kept promises.  He’ll be on to talk about the most egregious.
Jerry knows what it’s like to go out on a big stage and he’ll take you into the mindset of Mitt Romney.  Plus, how important is it for Romney to “read the room”?  It’s so important that it could win him the night.
PLUS…would you be more inclined to vote for a bald man?  One study might send the candidates running to a pair of shears. 
All this and a bag of low fat potato chips on the hump-day edition of The Jerry Doyle Show.

Today's Topics: The Washington Examiners Tim Carney, Country Music Superstar Trace Adkins, Atlas Shrugged Producer Harmon Kaslow

How long will you wait on hold for “customer service” before going nuts on the poor guy that picks up?
PLUS…what do Lady Gaga, President Obama and Jerry Doyle all have in common?  Tune in to find out.
Joining Jerry today will be The Washington Examiners Tim Carney to talk about how to “Out Santa Claus” Barack Obama
AND…speaking of Santa Claus; Country Music Superstar Trace Adkins ( will be on to give away free downloads of his new hit song “Tough People Do”
ALSO…Producer of the Atlas Shrugged movie franchise ( Harmon Kaslow will join us to talk about the release of this incredibly important and timely film.

Jerry is back and Live from the Network headquarters for the Friday edition of the Jerry Doyle Show 

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